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Pregnancy is Good



Recreating successful Results​

*Becoming a Creator

*Reproducing You

*Increasing Intelligence Networks

*Increased Physical ability

*Extending Living Cycle

*Increased Biological Current Pool

*Creating someone to share love with

*Increased functionality & effectiveness in numbers

*Increased 'POWER' in Manifesting

Prepare for an adventure!

Having a Baby is exciting, fun & feels really good when done correctly. You become more natural, health conscious & embrace a vegetarian nutritional balanced intake (Fruits, Vegetables, Legumes (Beans,Lentils), Peanuts, Salad & plenty Water​. Baby  doesn't 'NEED' meat & you don't either.

Why People Get Pregnant:

Babies are an important contribution to our 'LOVING' living experience. 

Drawing on current from our entire dimension (and even those beyond), fertilization within the womb brings such incredible gifts in intelligence, wisdom & much 'NEEDED' energy

we as beings 'NEED' to survive.

Pregnancy is the most important 

experience females are born for. 

Preparing for pregnancy is always #1 in priority. Keep your body healthy & in tune so you can procreate as effectively as possible.

Becoming a Creator is 'FREEDOM'. A pregnant female is a males dream



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