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Receive the 'HELP' you 'NEED' with housing

Shelter & Housing Placement

Provided shelter services 7 nights a week with placement managed housing assistance

7 Churches in each Community share shelter responsibilities 1 night a week each to provide shelter for all in the community

Our program connects those in 'NEED' with the resources to establish housing. 

7 Churches

1 Night a Week

Home Sweet Home

7-1 Program



*Designates Location on Each Facility Site for Shelter

    >Inside, Parking Lot Section (with awning, other cover or open space)

    >Beds, Cots, sleep section or place for Tent, Sleeping Bag, Sheet or Blanket

    >Bathroom facilities (and/or toilet). Shower where available (or provided allowed by community resident)

        ^Community members may allow house shower access Bathroom Facilities 1 night a week each per resident for a certain amount in those whom 'NEED'.  

    >Water, Salad, Fruit, Peanuts (where available) for nutrition

    >Clothing (from special community fundraising programs). Click to View Program Objectives.

*Placement management providing 'FREE' coupled roommate and/or individual housing solutions for those in 'NEED'. We even       provide owned housing for those whom volunteer with our program for various available programs. Transportation & Income     provided to every housing recipient after placement & activation. *Already have a place to sleep  or sleeping with others desiring   a more secure place you can call your own? Become a Housing Resource (Provide location assistance), Lend a Hand or those in     'NEED' ... Inquire about independent housing now. Click Here for Additional Services.      

Lend a Hand or Inquire about Shelters in your community now

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