Experts in Planning Success for the future 'NOW'!!!

At Planning Parenthood, your future is our focus. Correctly selecting a mate, connecting & reproducing offspring to increase positive current within family heritage in addition to sustaining family longevity while continuously practicing ongoing reproduction (managed 'NEEDS' maintained) is our purpose.

The Global Planing Parenthood (PP) Information Technology (IT) database includes potential mates to meet your reproductive 'NEEDS'.

From Day 1, newborns, Toddlers, Young Adult Teens & mature adult profiles  are made available to plan current and/or future parenthood engagements.

Maximizing physical endurance, strength, agility, patience, the ability to cope, maintain & extend intelligence, effectiveness & overall energetic 'POWER' is amongst preparatory activities experienced by participants. Learning methods designed to best protect, secure, Love & satisfy you, your 'NEW' partner(s) & reproduced offspring make parenting fun, exciting & climatic.

Education on correct mating & reproduction method, use & effective reproduction completion. Methods include, however, are not limited to Nurturing 'NEW' Mates, establishing connections (spiritual & physical), Erogenous Stimulation, Fertilization, Natural Birth, caring for newborns, toddlers, teens & even adult offspring& more are included in reproductive method training.

Selection Database
Mating Preperation
Reproduction Method

Ongoing family development Includes raising children, property expansion(s), entrepreneurial (business) expansion assistance, leadership skills, Planing Parenthood (PP) training for your youth & information on how to successfully sustain a family.

'Developing a Family' training will provide each program recipient rewarding information on how to nurture relationships with your family, work together as a unified entity, maximize & benefit from practicing 'Goal Acquisition'' & establish loyalty, 'TRUST', respect & Honor between Family Members.

Sustainability addresses each participant(s) ability to maintain relations with partners & youth forever. When offspring are produced, raising youth, teaching them working & functional methods in sustaining living experience as well as surviving with meaningful satisfying resources & also becoming perpetual mating parents supports sustainability.


Teaching youth 'LOVE' methods while assisting youth with information on satisfactory physical exploration & pleasure are 'KEY' & necessary when establishing sustainability.

Managed Planning Parenthood (PP) care means meticulously establishing effective & fruitful connections with reproducing partners bearing satisfactory offspring whom will also receive planned care.

Love, Happiness, Abundance, Wealth, Luxury, Intimacy, Affection & Adoration, euphoria & living satisfied. The Planning Parenthood (PP) Managed Connection.

Planning Parenthood (PP). A Plan that makes 'US' as parents Creators.  'HEAVENLY'!


Managed Connections
Family Development

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