Our Team

Planning Officer(s)

Planning officers assist you, parent(s) and/or youth presented to the Planning Parenthood program by family and/or friends with quality potential partners for current and/or future mating, reproduction and/or parenthood relationships and determine parameters for perpetual reproduction.


Dedication and/or Commitment is installed in the client in addition to information on successful partnership networking designed for fruitful & satisfying connections between reproducing parents (according to plan).

Dir. Facilitation Agent(s)


Directing Facilitation Agent (DFA's) specialize in insuring each client is effectively managed. This includes assistance with connecting with the best selected partner and/or placement (including housing, income satisfaction & intelligence & instruction on how to keep 'NEW' mate(s) happy. (DFA's) are also responsible for documenting progress, managing Video Blogs (Baby Makers), Etc.


Facilitation Agent(s) also manage 'NEED', responsibility absorption & social environmental adjustment current (for 'FREE' fulfilled experiences) for both mate(s).

Dir. Practitioner Agent(s)

From database information submission to selection & connection, Directing Practitioner Agents (DPA's) are responsible for insuring each reproducing client, parent and/or youth participating in Planning Parenthood is provided correct information on how to mate & nurture 'NEW',valuable & healthy partners able to endure longevity with the understanding that mating is an act that generates results designed to last forever.

Offspring Practitioner Care (including plans for offspring housing, income, transportation & entrepreneurial(Business Owner)/Career options are included in Directing/Practitioner Agent(DPA's).

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